The Final Battle is coming. Are the Seers ready?
Sixteen-year-old twins Jasmine and Jade and the rest of the Seers are not only separated between Toronto and London, they’re internationally wanted fugitives. While away in the Place-In-Between trying to return Solomon’s Ring, the girls became the prime suspects in a deadly terrorist attack in Toronto. The Seers, their Protectors, and a handful of others know the truth: not only are they innocent, the world is dying, demons are around every corner, and the Darkness is taking over.
As the only hope in the coming apocalyptic battle, the Seers will have to work together to try to save the world from the brink of destruction.
Book 3 of the Daughters of Light series available now!

ISBN 978-1-45974-103-4

"Payne is a persuasive proponent of girl power."

- Resource Links (Vol. 23 No. 2)


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