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Introducing ... Wormhole!

Dear Readers,

Like so many of you, my life and career(s) were turned upside down by Covid-19. Writing contracts were cancelled and all my teaching, including instruction for my Special Education class, transitioned to being fully online within the span of a week. The book on Post-Finasteride Syndrome that I’d been pouring my heart, soul and time into over the last two years was finally out on submission to more than 35 publishers in Canada, the USA and the UK. (For those of you who are waiting on this book to happen, it is still being worked on and my agent is following up with any publisher we have yet to hear from.)

Then the pandemic hit and everything changed overnight. Actually, things changed in a day. On Friday the 13th of March, I woke up, checked into my flight to LA later that day online and then left to teach. By the end of the day, I was cancelling my travel plans and informing my students that the March Break was going to be at least two weeks longer than anticipated. The day lived up to its unlucky reputation. But what transpired in the days and weeks that followed has left me trying to figure out how to transform the great sorrow I feel into something positive.

That’s when I came up with the idea to write Wormhole. I needed to find engaging, suitable reading material for my class and, as a writer, wasn’t about to start scanning and copying the work of fellow authors. That’s when I decided to serialize a high-interest, low-vocabulary book for tweens and teens with appropriately-leveled reading questions and assignments that could be used during this time of emergency virtual learning.

I’ve shared the first chapter and the supplementary material with several of my colleagues and now want to make it accessible to teachers everywhere. After all, schools are closed around the globe. All I am asking is that teachers and/or parents and guardians who use the material respect the fact that they are being licensed for use of it. Sharing my website link with other friends, family members and colleagues is both encouraged and appreciated. I am also requesting that users consider making a small donation via PayPal on my site. Eighty percent of all donations will go to the list of charities I’ve posted below. These are charities that are close to my heart for different reasons and they are struggling for survival and to keep up their incredibly important work right now. I will post contributions to these charities as they are transacted.

You can access Wormhole and its supplementary resources here.

Stay safe. Stay well. Thank you so much for your on-going support


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